Unlocking the potential of the digital future.

Digitalia is dedicated to the development, tokenization and digitalization of crypto projects internationally. The future is now


We provide technical, operational and operations assistance and advisory services for your crypto and digitalization endeavors


The technology we use helps you tokenize your assets for funding purposes or simply to give access to a wider pool of investors with more transparency


We can help you in shifting your business to the digital world through a comprehensive transformation strategy while safeguarding your vital data

Crypto projects with technical development & operational support

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Helping businesses tokenize their assets

We can help you with tokenizing your real estate assets. We can also work with other asset classes. Please reach out for a demonstration

Helping businesses tokenize their assets

We can help you with tokenizing your real estate assets. We can also work with other asset classes. Please reach out for a demonstration

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Digitalization using cloud storage optimization through blockchain tech

Reach out for a free consultation

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Crypto Projects

Our dynamic and experienced team can work with you in the following areas:

Community Building & Management ( EN, ES & RUS)

Accurate Investors

Smart Contract
Coding & Design

Incredible ICO
Launching Strategies

Project Branding & Marketing from A-Z

Post Launch

General Advisory & Consultative Strategy

Tokenomics Development + White Paper Crafting


What is Tokenization?

Tokenization is a process in which shares are created as digital tokens on a blockchain for your business. This process can increase the chances of your project raise capital easier, faster and cheaper than the traditional methods by giving investors unparallel access to private investments. Please let us know about your project; we are happy to walk you through a demonstration


Embracing Digitalization

Businesses across sectors are rapidly embracing digitalization strategies to keep up with global trends. Our senior team have digitalized content for some of the biggest brands in the market while offering top-notch educational digital assets for external customers through subscription models

We have clients in Europe, the USA and Latin America with government institutions, private clients and institutions of higher learning


DIGITALIA Crypto Ventures (DCV) is a company based in Zug, Switzerland with operations in Dubai, Barcelona and Bogotá. DCV is composed by a mix of international entrepreneurs and business leaders that came together to create a unique company that can help you launch or develop your crypto venture. We understand that all you might need is support to successfully launch your project or just an extra push to scale your venture

We know that all projects are not created equal, and that’s why we embrace a focused individual approach as our modus operandi when we work with you. We are here to help!

Previously, the team at DCV has worked in launching crypto projects, recruitment of technical and operational talent, fundraising, marketing endeavors, community development and influencer campaign management to just name some key areas. Please reach out for a free consultation. This way you can understand if we are the right fit to work with you

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